Does your IPTV Provider Offer All This?

KayTv Does!

         Compare us and see for yourself Why We Are Better!
         We challenge anyone to compare and beat all that we offer

Amazing quality Live HD/UHD TV streams

High-quality HD & FHD channels, plus SD channels
(if you have low-speed internet) to watch TV online.

The highest-quality, most STABLE platform On the WEB.

Take advantage of our 7 days free trial.
– NO freezing, looping, buffering, sound out-of-sync, channel loss, etc
…just consistently stable streams to watch TV online – you will love us!

We are a long-established highly-recommended provider

Most of our Customers come to KayTv from a referral
from an existing happy Customer.

World-class Customer Service & Support

We know and understand the importance of true Customer Service.
We are available 7 days a week, 08 AM to 1159PM, to answer
questions, resolve an issue, give you info …because YOU (the
Customer) is the most important person to us.

High Customer Retention through Customer Satisfaction

We monitor Customer Retention very closely. Most importantly, we
listen to our customers, and we meet their requirements. Our
Customer Service is the reason we have the highest customer
retention rate in the industry.

7 Day TRIAL to prove the quality of our services

OK, we know how good we are but don’t take our word for it –
TRY OUR 7 DAY FREE TRIAL.  – See why so many switch to KayTV and save money.

USA & European-based Servers

Many of our competitors have their servers based in India & other
Asian markets – our servers are all based in Europe and some of them
are based in the USA, to give you the fastest stream time and a high quality
of service.

4 Packages to choose from

So with 5 different Plans, choosing Monthly or Yearly even Bi-annually
subscriptions. Live TV Channels, VOD & TV Series, and so much more!
Find the plan that is right for you and your budget.

Prices as low as $10 a month

With Packages starting from as low as $10 a month (based on a Yearly
plan) for high-quality TV over the internet, there is a Package to suit every budget.

Only Pay for when You Need It

Only pay for when you need your TV services. If you’re away or don’t
need it for a month, just send us an email with a month’s notice, and
we can switch your service ‘off’, suspending your subscription
payments. Then just tell us when you want it back on – simple! Giving
you total flexibility.

7000+ Live channels Worldwide & European HD Channels

Get the complete home entertainment experience wherever you are,
The best in drama, comedy, and documentaries. Live TV and adult
channels from all over the world. Discover a wider world of
entertainment, making watching television fun again.

500+ Live Sports channels from UK, USA, Europe & World

If Sport is your thing, you will love what we offer in Live HD/UHD
Sport from Bein Sports, UK, Ireland, USA, and worldwide sports.

Use on many Devices

You can watch KayTV online, with a MAG set-top box, your SmartTV
(using smart IPTV app), your Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet
– So many ways to enjoy KayTv.

No blocks / No VPN needed

Many of our competitors constantly get blocks (suspended) on their
Live channels or they say ‘you need a VPN to access our services’ (a
VPN just masks your internet footprint), which will add additional cost to their service. None of this is an issue with KayTv– our Customers don’t have to worry about that. No VPN is needed for any of our services.
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