KayTV Reseller

If you already are a KayTV seller and are looking to expand your business or if you have decided to start a new business, you can be one of the hundreds of our Resellers.
With the features provided by KayTv and the high quality of services and a large collection of TV channels (Over 12000 Channels), you can have satisfied customers in addition to expanding your revenue.

  • If you have already used our service, you know the quality of our services.


1400 – 20 codes
2800 – 40 codes
3990 – 60 codes

Get your Panel

We provide a panel to resellers who sell over 1000+ units a year and a partnership for 3 consecutive years.

For example: If you have 30 credits in your account and sell a 1-month KayTV account for $20. You generate a 1-month account in your panel and 0.5 credit will be deducted and the remaining credit is 29.5 in your panel. So it’s best to sell the yearly plan.

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